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Best Optometric Medical Care

Dr. Paul Naftali has been our family Optometric Physician for more than fifteen years. He has literally watched our son grow-up from the time he was in elementary school through college. During that time his office has utilized state-of-art diagnostic technology which has been and continues to be updated to provide the best optometric medical care available anywhere. Dr. Naftali has proven to be a skilled physician who attends to the smallest of details to provide total eye and vision care with a keen "eye" on preventative medical care.

More than an efficient diagnostician and physician, Dr. Naftali has taken the time to get to know us as individuals. Each member of our family has unique medical expectations and needs that are always changing. He has developed through the years real relationships of trust and understanding with each family member which enables him to give us personalized care well beyond routine periodic vision prescriptions. Dr. Naftali has truly been a valued family physician whose medical judgment has kept us healthy while providing for our immediate optometric and visual needs in a thorough and professional manner. He's simply the best!

- Regina & Mark K, Chatham, NJ

madison eyes WELCOME!!!

Welcoming Dr. Constantinos Bacas and saying goodbye and good luck to Dr. Sonya Malani

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