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Read Our Reviews

I have been a patient of Dr. Paul Naftali for about 10 years. Dr. Naftali has always treated me with the utmost respect and professionalism. He always does a wonderful job of explaining the results of my eye exams as well as answering any questions I may have. Dr. Naftali’s staff is also so friendly! They always greet me with a big hello and warm smile!!

Despite Dr. Naftali’s office being located an hour away from my home, I will continue to visit his office because of his professionalism, caring nature, and great sense of humor!!!

Eric Rauschenberger
Hackettstown, NJ

Dear Dr. Naftali:

I have wanted to tell you of my experiences in becoming a patient of yours for quite a while. So I decided to take the time before the New Year.

I was a patient and good friend of Dr. Charles Bloom. When you acquired his practice, I was somewhat skeptical of the change. However, you have proven to me that you are an extremely competent doctor and have helped my wife and me immensely. You have a great ability to connect with a patient and take the time to discuss their situation.

Mr. Leslie Metsky
Summit, NJ

Dr. Paul Naftali has been our family Optometric Physician for more than fifteen years. He has literally watched our son grow-up from the time he was in elementary school through college. During that time his office has utilized state-of-art diagnostic technology which has been and continues to be updated to provide the best optometric medical care available anywhere. Dr. Naftali has proven to be a skilled physician who attends to the smallest of details to provide total eye and vision care with a keen “eye” on preventative medical care.

More than an efficient diagnostician and physician, Dr. Naftali has taken the time to get to know us as individuals. Each member of our family has unique medical expectations and needs that are always changing. He has developed through the years real relationships of trust and understanding with each family member which enables him to give us personalized care well beyond routine periodic vision prescriptions. Dr. Naftali has truly been a valued family physician whose medical judgment has kept us healthy while providing for our immediate optometric and visual needs in a thorough and professional manner. He’s simply the best!

Regina & Mark Kohl
Chatham, NJ

Do you ever look forward to going to a doctor? I do, when it is an appointment with Dr. Naftali at Madison Eyes, the “Little Shop on Main Street.”

There is always the feeling that everyone there is genuinely glad to see me. The staff greet me and we exchange pleasantries and little jokes; often the optician offers me a cup of coffee. This convivial atmosphere just adds to the total professionalism of everybody there.

When I go in for preliminary tests before seeing Dr. Naftali, there is sometimes a new piece of equipment. The assistant is well trained and confident with the latest technical tools for eye care. That confidence is contagious.

When I am in the examining room waiting for Dr. Naftali, I enjoy looking at the photographs and little art projects that are proof of Dr. Naftali’s love for his family. The wait is never long. (In other doctors’ offices I sometimes wonder if the world has ended and that I didn’t hear Gabriel’s trumpet!) Dr. Naftali and I always chat a little before he begins his examination. The chat often contains friendly barbs thrown at each other about our alma maters: Duke for Dr. Naftali, Wake Forest for me. We have solved many of the world’s problems.

The exam is thorough and the results are always compared to previous results. If there is any change in the results, Dr. Naftali always discusses it with me. I appreciate his conservative approach if the change warrants some action.

One experience I will never forget. It was either a Sunday, a time when Madison Eyes was closed. I was home and began to feel pain in my eyes. After a while, I knew that something was pretty seriously wrong. I got in touch with Dr. Naftali and tried to explain the symptoms. He said, “I’ll meet you in the office in about half an hour.” He had to drive from his home which is not in Madison where I live. In the office he immediately began procedures to determine the cause of the problem. The pressure in the eyes had skyrocketed! Dr. Naftali stayed with me for two hours, constantly checking on the pressure, gradually lowering it to an acceptable level. Please remember that this was the weekend. He saved my vision and I remain thankful for his knowledge, professionalism, and compassion.

Why would I even consider going to any other doctor?

Hiram Jenkins
Madison, NJ

I have been a patient of Dr. Naftali’s even before he opened Madison Eyes. I travel 30 minutes each way to have my eyes cared for by him. I use rigid gas permeable contact lenses, which is somewhat out of the ordinary. Dr. Naftali always takes the time to give me professional and personal attention to assure that I can maximize my vision. Most important is the fact that I never feel rushed and Dr. Naftali views his patient’s time just as valuable as his own. This is refreshing and greatly appreciated.

Kevin T. Corcoran, Esq.
Madison NJ

My wife and I were first treated by Dr. Naftali in Clinton, NJ in the mid ’90’s, and were disappointed when he moved his practice to Madison, NJ which is about an hour from where we live. But our experience with Dr. Naftali was so positive that we unhesitatingly “moved” with him.

We completely trusted Dr. Naftali to treat our vision, and to date our trust has been rewarded with top quality care by a caring, professional Optometric Physician. Dr. Naftali is thorough in our annual examinations, and is readily available throughout the year to answer our questions concerning vision care. He engenders trust, and his apparent familiarity with and use of current technology assures us annually that we are receiving optimum vision care.

We have recommended Dr. Naftali to many of our friends, and we wouldn’t do that with something as important as vision unless we were completely satisfied with his practice.


Gerry and Ramona Kirwan
Clinton, NJ

I want to thank you and your staff for the numerous positive experiences I and my family have had with your office. You have achieved the most sought-after doctor office experience for your patients which combines the ultimate personal and professional services. I especially thank you for your diagnoses of Keratoconus with my son. After giving us your professional advice on this eye disease, we have since learned over the five years since, from other experts in this, that you were 100% correct in everything you advised us on. Having all the correct information right from the beginning has allowed my son, who is now 24 and living in South Carolina for the past 3 years, to find a corneal specialist for this.

Every experience we’ve had with you and your staff has always been superior. The five members of our family either wear glasses or contacts and have always received nothing but the most individualized attention in choosing glasses and working with our insurance plan to use our dollars in the most efficient way. In ordering contacts, they arrive within a few days at our door.

We have recommended your office to other friends and acquaintances who also have been pleased with your services. Thank you, Dr. Naftali and staff, for providing such wonderful care to your patients.


Kerry L. Burden
Madison NJ

I have been a patient of Dr Naftali for close to 10 years now and can’t find enough kind words to say about him, He consistently provides a professional and thoughtful eye care experience. He has the perfect personality that allows him to connect with every patient.

I personally have had to deal with a number of eye care issues such as a detached retna and lens replacement surgery. With respect to the lens replacement surgery, Dr Naftali was extremely proficient in providing me with a very clear and understandable explanation of all the cutting edge technology available to me. He took the time to get to know me and was very helpful in assisting me in making the best decisions that were in my best interest. Once the course of action was decided, he was there to walk me through the entire process. I would recommend him to anyone.

When I first established my relationship with Dr. Naftali he actually took the time to sent me a thoughtful note and a little holiday gift ( a tin of popcorn) – to this day, no healthcare professional has ever personalized the experience like that !

Wishing you all the best during this holiday season and a health new year.

Edward G. McAndrew
Madison NJ

Have been a patient for 10 years. A top notch group.


Moving here from the south, I was quite impressed by the warm and helpful demeanor of his whole staff. You feel at ease in his office and during the exam. The exam facilties were state of the art. But at the end of the day, you just don’t find enough caring and knowledgable doctors who take the time to sit with you and discuss your questions and concerns. Real class act. Highly recommended.


As the old saying goes, you get what you pay for. After another negative experience seeing another eye dr. recommended by my junky insurance plan, working with the entire staff here was both a pleasure and a relief. I was reassured that the muscles in my eyes were in fact functioning at 100% and that I just needed new glasses for working on the computer, not months and months of therapy. As for choosing glasses, Helen made that experience the easiest ever! The whole process from start to finish took maybe 2 hours! Definitely recommended!